As a sophisticated woman, I uphold my friends to a certain standard and expect to be treated with respect and courtesy.  As a guest, I politely ask you to adhere to the following etiquette:

- Polite introductions are appreciated! The more detailed and specific you are, the better I will be able to plan and swiftly schedule you. A greeting such as the one below would be great!

"Hi Savannah! My name is Bob. I would like to schedule an appointment for 3 hours on Saturday December 5th. I’ve included my screening information for your verification. Thanks!"

I am selective with who I see and prefer friends who take time to introduce themselves rather than a text that simply says, "Hey sexy."

-       As I spend an extensive amount of time grooming and preparing for our time together, I do ask that you, too, are clean and showered prior to our venture. I maintain a shower that is available for you to use upon arrival if you need to freshen up. 

-       Discretion and privacy maintain an element of mystery to our adventures. If we are meeting in public, then please provide the cash honorarium in something to not draw attention to ourselves, such as a gift bag or book.

-       Punctuality is a sign of respect for our time. As I will always be ready upon your arrival, I politely ask that you are prompt for our scheduled time. Of course, I understand life circumstances are beyond our control and cancellations will happen. However, I please ask that you let me know as soon as possible. Conversely, I find no call, no shows completely unacceptable, rude, and thus, will not be rescheduled or booked for future adventures. 

- Do not contact me discussing sexually explicit acts or language.

-  While a glass of wine or champagne during our time together is welcome, I have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs. Moreover, I will not continue our time  if you become intoxicated. If you appear to be under the influence of mind altering substances upon arrival or become belligerent during our time together, then I reserve the right to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your measurements?

I am a tall and curvy woman with a small waist, toned legs, and luscious bottom.  I maintain my figure through weight lifting, running, and yoga, 3 activities I greatly enjoy! 

Do you require screening? Why?

Screening allows us both to feel safe and comfortable with one another. Without disclosing some pertinent information, then we are simply two strangers trusting one another in an new intimate space. Seems risky, right? Screening provides reassurance for us both that we truly want to spend quality time together and are not there to endanger one another. While I understand some are weary to screen, I assure you that this common practice is meant to keep us both protected, so we can fully embrace our time together without angst or worry. Rest assured the information I ask for is very minimal and will remain confidential. 

Do you allow reviews?

I always welcome feedback and hope to provide you with an exceptional experience that has you singing my praises. 

Will you travel to other locations for a meet up? 

Absolutely! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, so I am always willing to look at possibilities for a new adventure. Please inquire about specific dates, location, and duration of trip.

Is there anyone you will not see?

I do not discriminate on any level. Rather, I appreciate diversity, welcoming any and all races, national origins, genders, and backgrounds. My only requirement is going through my screening process, which does not bar anyone from any specific group or identity. I am also happy able to accommodate special needs and disabilities.