Hello darling,

In a world full of diverse and gorgeous women, I’m flattered I caught your attention. As you explore my site, I am confident you will find yourself intrigued and interested in getting to know more about Savannah Grace beyond the confines of the digital web. 

As a companion, you will find that I embody a duality of a refined lady with composure, elegance, and grace, yet am simultaneously, a sultry muse . While I am naturally an extroverted and outgoing individual, I also maintain an element of mystery as I pensively reflect and take in all the world around me. I am tender and sweet, yet authentic and bold with a vivacious energy and zest for life that you are sure to find charming and delightful to be around. 

While I certainly loved being an upscale companion, my life is full of many other rich hobbies, goals, and worthwhile endeavors. I hold an undergraduate degree from a prominent university with plans to return for graduate school for my masters in social work. I am also am also a yoga instructor and thoroughly enjoy sharing this practice of mindful movement with others. If I'm not in flowing through a vinyasa sequence or devoting myself to one of the many humanitarian causes near to my heart, you can surely find me reading a novel, strolling through an art museum, and sipping on a glass of wine at a jazz club. I do love a quaint quiet life, but do find myself suffering from insatiable wanderlust, always looking to add another country to my passport book, seizing adventures in far away places, and soaking in the different cultures. So far, I have traveled to Thailand, Uganda, New Zealand, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and all over the use.

Whether we are sharing an afternoon rendezvous or jet sitting abroad for a trip together, I am sure you will be pleased with my company and come back for more. If my introduction has you longing for more,  then please contact me about booking an appointment. I look forward to our time together.

Savannah Grace





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