I require screening for all new friends as a safety protocol. I offer several options for screening as detailed below:

Provider references

You may provide the contact information for 2 friends you have seen in the past year. This includes their name, their website, and their email and/or phone number.

Employment Verification

There are a few options in regards to employment verification that may select from. Please know that I uphold your privacy and will always be discreet when calling or emailing you for screening purposes. In addition to your company of employment and position/title, I ask you to provide one of the following:

  • Company phone number - direct line/extension OR company email with your name attached
    • Please include any instructions on phone or email etiquette when contacting you. 
  • Your Linkedin account with 50+ connections.
  • Your business card that matches that legal name you have provided. 

Identification Verification

I will always accept a copy of your driver's license, passport, or company photo ID as a method of screening. Out of respect for your privacy, you can cover any confidential information and simply show your first and last name.

Preferred 411

If you are a member of Preferred 411, then please contact me through there as a form of screening. My P411 ID is: P245998